Kirton brick works and quarry lies around four miles east of the town of Ollerton in Nottinghamshire, off the A6075 and close to the A1 trunk road. The works opened in 1955 and manufactures bricks from Mercia Mudstone clays sourced from the adjacent quarry. This area is mapped geologically as the Sneinton Formation (formerly the Keuper Waterstones) and provides both red firing and buff firing raw material for bricks, which are used extensively for house building throughout the UK.

The quarry and brickworks covers approximately 93 hectares. Large parts of the quarry are either restored or in aftercare with the remainder either working or future working areas. The site employs over 90 people directly.

Description de l'habitat, de la faune et de la flore: 

Historic worked out areas of the site have been successfully restored to river terrace arable farmland and hedgerows. Restoration of a large swathe of worked-out land is nearing completion and will see the introduction of eutrophic and mesotrophic standing waters and lowland neutral grassland. Both restored water bodies and land already support a diverse range of habitats, flora and fauna where the final land use has not involved a return to intensive agriculture. There is potential to explore how this habitat can be increased.

The site contains a range of locally important habitats and species populations, in particular badger, common lizard, water vole and dingy skipper butterfly.