Trees have always been closely linked to the evolution of terrestrial biodiversity, especially humanity, because oxygen, water, food and medicine all depend on forests. Trees are essential to our lives! They absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), feed leaves and buds, produce heat and wood, provide shade and shelter, give fruit and stop desertification. Moreover, they often serve as habitat for many animal and plant species and constitute the complex ecosystems of forests. Trees represent the pivotal element in the adaptation and mitigation of global warming. The less we plant, the more we expose ourselves to various dangers, plagues and disasters!
It is therefore important to develop and conserve forest lands, or even the entire green space, not only for their aesthetic appearance, but also for the many ecological, economic and social reasons.
By promoting activities to rehabilitate its quarry through reforestation, SCANTOGO reiterates its commitment to sustainable mining development while putting the tree in the spotlight. There is no better representation of the societal commitment of the company than the effective involvement of all stakeholders and the umbrella of the activity by the first person in charge of the said company.
A healthy initiative...Nevertheless, always keep in mind that planting a tree is good, but maintaining it is even better!