Sustainable management of water in quarries is a major challenge. Like all quarries, Scantogo's quarry has a considerable need for water for these different activities. This need is ensured by drilling on the water table resulting in strong pressure on the water resources of the area, the lowering of the water table and the disruption of the river regime. These water after use, loaded with polluting substances are directly rejected in the mono river. This causes degradation of the quality of aquatic environments and health risks. To remedy these problems, we propose this research project which aims to contribute to the valorization of wastewater in the Scantogo quarry through the phyto-purification technique by using the purifying service of aquatic plants (reed, water lily, ..) . Specifically, it aims to set up a sewage plant, to evaluate the performance of the plant and the impact of the reuse of treated water. To do this, the literature search on phyto-purification, experimental and field work and data analysis and processing will be used as a methodological approach. At the end of the research, a sewage plant will be installed, the performance of the station and the impact of the reuse of treated water by the station will be evaluated.

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